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My name is Sakeitha. I am a Hairstylist and makeup artist. I started my hair career assisting my grandmother and great-aunt early as a child. My Grandmother loved bold colors and flair. One day I came home from school and our 2 story house was painted pink! Because of her, I encourage everyone to be

Pink House Pretty.


 I appreciate working with clients to achieve a sophisticated look that encourages confidence with ease. I believe  in a collaborative creative experience that begins and ends with a great team. My job as an expert is to create a look that highlights the best features to achieve a final product.  For me, the learning never ends. I love to exchange techniques and tricks of the trade and attend developmental classes regularly in order to provide the best service to my client. 

My work spans all areas of beauty. In addition to styling, my professional experience extends to managing and educating other beauty professionals. Perfecting my beauty styling and makeup skills has allowed me to work  on film, editorial, tradeshows and fashion week

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me I look forward to working with you.



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